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Inflatable Bedding Leader AeroBed Expands Marketing

to Bedding and Furniture Channel


AeroBed Re-defines Temporary Bedding Category with a “WHOOSH”


June 25, 2008 - Aero Products International, Inc., makers of the original AeroBed, today continues to market key products through furniture and bedding outlets nationwide. The company is once again showing with the Specialty Sleep Association at the World Market Center (WMC, Building C-1350) , further strengthening its leadership position in the temporary bedding category with the bedding, mattress and home furnishings industry.


As the category leader in product innovation, comfort and reliability for more than 15 years, AeroBed’s move into the furniture and bedding channel will provide consumers with the opportunity to purchase the most comfortable night’s sleep possible – wherever they shop. The focus of this initiative are AeroBed’s Premier line of products (Comfort Zone, DuraSuede, and Raised Comfort Zone), which are designed to provide the best in comfort and ease to people looking to “turn any room into an AeroBed room.”


“Our commitment to providing consumers with a quality night’s sleep has challenged us to expand our presence in these newer channels of distribution where we can best showcase our products,” said Tim Horne, CEO of Aero Products International, Inc. “We believe that AeroBed’s recent move into furniture and bedding outlets is just a natural progression that will provide consumers with a quality temporary bedding option in a traditionally higher priced marketplace.”


To support their presence in this retail channel, Aero Products has showcased its temporary bedding innovation – the Raised Comfort Zone bed – at the Las Vegas Market. The Raised Comfort Zone bed features a 24-inch-high sleep surface and AeroBed’s exclusive, patented pump and valve technologies so guests feel more at home than ever before. The Raised Comfort Zone beds are available in twin ($199), full ($259) and queen ($299) sizes.


Aero Products International, Inc., is a privately held company and does not share sales information or annual revenues. The raised, temporary-bedding category is currently the fastest growing in the industry, and Aero’s raised bedding business has been its fastest growing segment for the past few years. In an effort to meet rising consumer demand, Aero will continue to adapt product lines to offer more elevated and raised bedding options. The quality, dependability and portability of AeroBed products make it possible to turn any room into an AeroBed room.


For more information on Aero’s entry to the furniture/bedding segment, please visit booth C-1350 at the Las Vegas Market or visit:


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