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AeroBed Raised Headboard Bed Is A Perfect Solution for an Urban Loft Dwelling Artist


August 27, 2008 - The new Raised Headboard Bed offered by Aero Products, Inc., offers the perfect mattress/bedding answers for new generation urban loft dwellers. In this case it was a perfect solution for the limited space, artist’s loft serving as both home and studio for emerging contemporary artist Chuck Rose. Rose who has successfully marketed his work to art collectors in Atlanta, Georgia and recently in Charlotte, NC, has been leasing a two-room 40’ x 15’ loft where he may have as many as a half dozen pieces in the works or showing at any given time. He also has to maintain his office with his files and computer, a kitchen, dining and bath area as well as storage and closets. Space is a premium for Chuck Rose, and he cannot set up a permanent wooden or metal bed in his loft, and still make maximum use of the space without resorting to a Murphy bed or a futon concept. Rose decided that neither of these solutions worked for him so he turned to what formally was a temporary bed, and purchased what he now refers to as his “inflatable permanent” bed. This bed is his primary bed and he loves the fact that he can inflate and deflate it at will, move it easily, and still have a quality queen size bed that fits into the contemporary décor of his artist’s loft.




Corey Lewison , Product Manager for Aero Products, Inc., tells BEDROOM Magazine the story of the evolution of the new Raised Headboard AeroBed. “In the early 1990’s we set out to re-define the “temporary bed.” We have now taken the concept so far with convenience, comfort and fashion that many of our customers tell us they sleep on their AeroBed every night.” Chuck Rose, the artist, can certainly relate to that. He does not see his Raised Headboard bed as a temporary fixture, but rather as a convenient inflatable permanent bed that he can move around easily. He can even pack it up in the carrying case and bring his own bed with him wherever he travels. Lewison agrees with Rose, “Our beds are so comfortable that customers see them as being permanent. When you take the Aerobed along on your travels, it’s like bringing your most important part of your bedroom with you.”


Lewison points out that the AeroBed Raised Headboard bed comes with some unique and distinct features. A consumer can sit, sleep and relax in a bed that offers style with the permanently attached sturdy headboard.


This headboard bed is designed to fit standard sized sheets. The bed comes with an Exclusive Frontgate oversized storage bag with wheels. The advanced built-in pump allows the consumer to inflate the bed with the touch of a single button.


The patented “WHOOSH” air release valve is perhaps the most interesting feature of this bed. This new valve offers the consumer fast air release to allow for quick deflation and easy removal of the bed.


The AeroBed Raised Headboard also offers the consumer patented technology with a one-touch firmness adjustability control. The One Touch® Comfort Control wand allows the consumer to achieve personalized comfort adjustment at the touch of a button.


Retailers and consumers seeking more information are invited to contact Corey Lewison at (847) 485-3200, ext. 3131 or visit


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