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Anatomic Rolls Out New Advanced Memory Foam Technology


November 11, 2009 - Anatomic Global recently introduced the company’s newly designed Ecomfort Mattress collection at the autumn High Point, NC market.


The new “SA2010” line represents five models ranging in price from $999 to $1,999 retail in queen. Among its features is a technologically superior Anatomic support system which delivers outstanding pressure relief and contouring support.


Within the mattress, a conforming foam layer provides an underlying elastic and fluid feel. Genuine EcoMemoryFoam™, Anatomic Global’s proprietary, exclusive material, provides shape-conforming comfort and support. EcoMemoryFoam, an extreme open-cell memory foam, does not retain heat, addressing the most common consumer complaint; sleeping hot on foam bedding.


“We are expanding the line because many of our new retail partners are telling us that they have never seen a product take off so quickly,” said Anatomic Global president Jeff Scorziell. “We have the right solutions that retailers need right now. It includes our superior technology in a leading-edge specialty sleep product that we vacuum-roll and drop-ship nationwide.”


Ecomfort Mattress is also earth-friendly to the core. A significant portion of the EcoMemoryFoam formulation is comprised of a 100 percent plant-based product. The product uses less energy to process, conserving energy, and the process is fully contained in a patented Zero Emissions chamber, dramatically reducing the product’s impact on the environment from its inception.


“Retailers are telling us that the products are successful not only because it is an entirely different memory foam product, but also different in the way we construct it,” said Jeff Scorziell. “Our technology for layering the materials creates the distinctive, gentle resistance that has become a signature trait of all our mattresses.”


About Anatomic Global

Founded in 1989, Anatomic Global, Inc. sets itself apart by raising the bar on the manufacture and supply of “proudly made in the USA” environmentally-friendly mattresses and bedding. The company upholds a 360-degree green manufacturing commitment in three ways – by developing applications for its innovative and sustainable plant-based formulas; by leading the industry with its zero-air emissions manufacturing process; and by applying the most efficient direct-to-store and consumer-direct delivery methods for a reduced carbon footprint. In 2008, the company launched the Ecomfort Mattress brand of mattresses featuring its signature, patented EcoMemoryFoam™ extreme open-cell plant-based memory foam.


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