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Boyd Awarded Two New Patents for Company’s Sleep Metrics Assessment System


August 19, 2011 - The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued Boyd Specialty Sleep two new patents related to the company’s exclusive Sleep Metrics™ in-store mattress and pillow selection system.

The new patents for Boyd’s Sleep Metrics assessment technology, originally developed in 2008, bring to more than 30 the total number of patented products, components, processes or systems the innovative specialty producer has developed since its founding in 1977.

The newly issued Patent Nos. 7,937,238 and 7,937,239, along with an earlier 2008 patent, enable retailers to help their customers select not only the right mattress but also the right complementary components like sleeping pillows, mattress protectors or massagers.

According to president Denny Boyd, the new “238” patent is directed primarily to pillow selection alone with mattress criteria either inputted or measured. The new “239” patent relates to mattress selection with pillow criteria.

The 2008 Boyd patent (U.S. No. 7,467,058) dealt with mattress selection without requiring pillow criteria.

“Taken together, these patents enable shoppers to quickly and easily find a pillow and/or matching mattress, as well as other bedding products that best fit their sleep characteristics and individual preferences,” Boyd explained.

“The technology also assists retailers in improving their service to customers, increasing the number and quality of their transactions, and reducing or eliminating comfort returns.”

Explaining the basic Sleep Metrics process—now in use at many U.S. mattress and furniture outlets including his own local chain of Bedroom Stores—Boyd said a diagnostic air mattress is interfaced with a touch-screen kiosk and computer system to gather specific information on a customer’s body type, sleep style and special needs.

The Sleep Metrics software processes the customer’s responses—including any information from the diagnostic mattress—and generates a list of recommended, complementary products that best meet the shopper’s needs.

“Ultimately, the Sleep Metrics system creates a more consultive and professional experience for the shopper and enhances the selling skills and success of the retail sales associate,” Boyd said.

Boyd Specialty Sleep dedicates itself to quality, innovation and excellence in a range of highly diversified specialty sleep products and accessories. The company is strategically focused on consumer health and safety and on the environmental impact of its products and processes. 

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