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Boyd Specialty Sleep Mattresses First in Nation

to Carry New SSA Safety & Environmental Seal

August 19, 2010 - Boyd Specialty Sleep has become the first mattress manufacturer in the United States to adopt the new safety and environmental standards created by the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) designed to help consumers better understand what is inside their mattresses. Boyd is placing the SSA Safety & Environmental Program (SEP) seal on its NaturalFlex latex mattresses, and its PlanetSleep, visco-memory foam mattresses. Both mattresses, along with the seal, received a tremendous response from retailers at the recent Las Vegas Furniture Market held the first week in August. The mattresses are expected to be on retailer floors in the next few weeks.

The SSA’s SEP is the first time the mattress industry has come together to better educate and inform consumers of the components in the sleep products they buy. After more than a year of research and industry involvement, the fast-growing specialty trade association has created a two-step seal and contents label program that will appear on mattresses from manufacturers who voluntarily join the program that informs the consumer about the minimum environmental and safety compliance levels the particular product adheres to, along with a label that lists components in the mattress. Consumers wanting further information beyond the seal and label will be able to go the SSA’s website for more detailed information and contact the organization if they wish to learn more about a specific manufacturer’s component filing.

The Boyd mattresses in the program display the group’s Level I seal, which means the company has met all federal safety flammability requirements; provided a warrantee for the product; met all safety requirements for children’s products if applicable; disclosed material construction with a descriptive label content; will participate in an annual survey to identify carbon footprint issues and has committed to continuous improvement; and met standards set by the Montreal Protocol Act when applicable, for reduction or elimination of ozone depleting substances.

The SSA’s SEP seal is a real breakthrough for the consumer…

“The first time I learned of the seal I was ecstatic and wanted to be a part of the program. The SSA’s SEP seal is a real breakthrough for the consumer and empowers them to see what a manufacturer is doing to actively assure the safety and environmental friendliness of their products,” said Dennis Boyd, the founder and president of Boyd Specialty Sleep. “The retail response we saw a few weeks ago in Las Vegas to our products carrying the seal exceeded our expectations and I believe a further indication that the SSA has really solved one of the great challenges our industry has faced in recent memory by finding a way to bring us all together around the issue of safety and environmental sensitivity to the products we sell.”


“Purchasing safe and environmentally friendly products is an overwhelming concern of consumers. The SEP program represents the best way to finally deliver a clear message, through a revolutionary new label and education program, that the bedding industry is listening to that concern. The SSA is proud to have taken a leadership role in this important task of creating clarity in defining the broad terms being used to define environmentally friendly products as part of our ongoing mission to promote natural, healthier and safer sleep solutions for consumers,” said SSA President Dale Read. “The SEP program represents a unification of suppliers, manufacturers and retailers around a set of environmental terms and definitions that will reduce confusion and bolster sales from consumers anxious to purchase environmentally friendly products.”


Boyd Specialty Sleep, founded in 1977, has a manufacturing center and eight retail locations in the St. Louis area, and a second manufacturing facility in Fontana, CA. The company’s 125 employees sell more than 400,000 mattresses each year made of innovative visco-memory foam, latex, air and water technologies. The company holds more than 30 product patents, is a member of the Small Business Hall of Fame and has been recognized five times by Inc. magazine as one of the nation’s fastest growing companies.


Founded in 1995, the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) is a national not-for-profit organization created to facilitate the growth and positive awareness of the specialty sleep category. Its members develop and/or sell specialty sleep products, including natural and organic bedding, latex, memory foam, air, gel, water, adjustable, new spring technologies and related products. SSA membership includes more than 100 manufacturers and retailers ranging from small, family-owned businesses to large corporations.

For more information regarding the SSA, please contact Executive Director Tambra Jones at 559-868-4187 or 559-676-8639,

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