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Boyd to Present at LV Market Industry’s 1st UPS-able Adjustable Base, Plus Other ‘Disruptive’ Innovations at Key Values

January 26, 2012 - Boyd Specialty Sleep is coming to the Las Vegas market armed with several major sleep innovations designed to offer sleep support, flexibility, ease of use and availability—all at values that retailers and consumers will readily recognize, the company said.

The specialty producer (B901) will introduce a patent-pending, manually adjustable Easy Adjust™ base that enables sleepers to enjoy the benefits of adjustable comfort at a fraction of the average retail cost for electric versions.

“We expect this ‘disruptive technology’, which also represents the industry’s first UPS-shippable adjustable base, to capture a significant share of the adjustable bed base market,” said company president Dennis Boyd.

Boyd also will add several new designs and features to its growing platform frame and occasional use product categories.

“Our over-arching objective is to supply retailers with a wide range of viable alternatives to conventional foundations—options that provide durable mattress support but also give shoppers functions and looks that are not only attractive, but extremely affordable.”

New Easy Adjust™ Manual Adjustable Base

The cornerstone of Boyd’s market presentation is an innovative, manually operated Easy Adjust adjustable base with up to 15 settings at the head end. The all-steel, black powder-coated base holds up to 2,500 pounds in any size.


Unlike any electric adjustable bed currently on the market, Boyd’s bases are also UPS-shippable—a major plus for retailers and online shoppers.


“Our twin XL, queen or king bases set up in under five minutes, involve few parts and require no tools,” Boyd explained, emphasizing that electric controls for power bases can be complicated to operate and problematic when it comes to maintenance.


“Easy Adjust bases are also simple to understand,” he said. “The user only needs to lift the top panel next to the mattress to the desired elevation, causing a bracket to catch the nearest notch. The base is returned to a flat position by raising the mattress a few inches and re-adjusting the base panel.”


According to Boyd, the Easy Adjust base is also the industry’s first such product that’s available in a “true king” size, made possible with simple connectors on the panel grid under the mattresses. Independent adjustments by king sleepers are also possible when the two twin XL bases are not connected.


Easy Adjust bases will retail at $299, $399 and $499 for the twin XL, queen and king sizes, respectively—values that Boyd said are “60 percent less than retails for power bases that offer similar functions.


“Our objective is to attract the 25- to 45-year-old market that wants a queen- or king-size bed that’s adjustable, but reasonably priced. This new program ensures that a much broader pool of mattress shoppers can afford the many benefits offered by adjustable sleep.”


Boyd’s Easy Adjust products include safety features to prevent finger-pinching and other provisions that eliminate mattress slippage and “bridging.”


The design also provides for the attachment of a headboard or footboard using an adapter kit. The kit enables the mattress to be raised or lowered at the head without affecting the headboard.


Boyd said a primary goal of his specialty sleep business is to impact the way many retailers still market and sell adjustable beds, which is to price the mattress and base together.


“Offering a customer the ability to purchase a mattress that can be paired with several different support options—a traditional foundation, a stationary platform base, an adjustable power base or a manually operated version—empowers the dealer to sell the comfort of the mattress with a variety of support alternatives and functions.


“This sales concept not only gives the consumer exciting choices in sleep function and comfort, but also increases the number of ways that shoppers can perceive value.”


Upgrades in Comfort Ease™ Guest Bed

Boyd’s Comfort Ease fold-away guest bed has been upgraded to include a two-inch-thick plush mattress that now features the same new MicroTec Gel™ memory foam introduced in the company’s Gel Rest™ collection in December.


The upgraded product, expected to retail at $99 in single size, has a reinforced tubular steel frame and a perimeter spring suspension with center support, delivering a sag-free yet contouring feel. The bed accommodates up to 300 pounds.


“We designed this occasional-use bed for pure comfort and ease of assembly,” Boyd said. “Coupling the ultra-soft and plush fleece cover with our new gel-infused memory foam in the mattress significantly improves the cooling/comfort properties of the product.”


The new Comfort Ease bed, which folds in half to only 5.5 inches, is also being packaged with a new Quick Response (QR) code on the box. Retailers and consumers can scan the code to access a new Boyd YouTube video that explains the product’s features and demonstrates how to set up or fold away the bed.


A URL link is also printed in the product instructions for shoppers using the internet to access the video.


The company also has produced similar new videos for its patent-pending Bonus Base™ platform bed frames.


“To access any of our product films, a retail salesperson can scan the QR code in-store for demonstration purposes, or consumers can view the video using either smart phones or computers, Boyd said.


“The primary objectives of these films are to help retailers better understand our products and to provide active, educational sales tools that enhance the shopping and in-home product experience.”


New Frame Designs and Upgrades; Bed Accessories

Boyd Specialty Sleep also will bring to market several new platform bed frames in various materials and finishes, some of which offer both padded and decorative steel headboards in a variety of designs, including contemporary, metropolitan and Scandinavian styles.


The company’s Bonus Base™ platform frame in silver and brushed nickel—introduced in Las Vegas last summer, has been upgraded to include a new matching headboard that attaches to the frame. The headboard will retail at $79 in queen and like the base, is UPS-shippable.


A new Moon Pillow™ made with Boyd’s MicroTec Gel memory foam also will be showcased. The sleek pillow design has a graceful, half-moon shape with a gradual slope, designed to provide ergonomic comfort to sleepers of all sizes. The new Moon Pillow is expected to retail at $99 in queen. 

Along with information on its pillows, mattress pads and other bed accessories, Boyd Specialty Sleep will provide information to retail salespeople on the new topper program at its main web site 


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