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Boyd to Unveil In Las Vegas Several New Products,

Sleep Accessory Lines In New, ‘High Visibility’ Showroom


July 29, 2011 - Boyd Specialty Sleep will present at the Las Vegas market several new mattress products, line extensions and top-of-bed accessories in its new, 6,800-square-foot showroom in building B, space 901.

Located near a high-traffic aisle connecting buildings B and C, and with glass facings on two sides of the space, company president Denny Boyd said the new showroom offers a better location, increased exposure and visibility, plus a layout more conducive to displaying his growing mattress and sleep accessory products.

Among other introductions, Boyd will unveil at the show two new, aggressively priced Natural Flex® premium latex beds, and a new, Natural-Flex-branded latex topper program in three styles and covers.

The new latex toppers closely follow the introduction in early June of Boyd’s Reponda-Flex® memory foam toppers, a “sister” accessory program also available in three designs.

Natural-Flex Introductions

Boyd is extending its Natural-Flex line of quality latex mattresses with two new models that provide contouring feels at popular price points.


At $799 and $999 in queen-size, these new beds “are very comfortable, supple and conforming,” Boyd said. “Our goal was to deliver the unique feel and performance of latex in mattresses expected to retail at $999 or less.”


The new models are 12” and 13” high and feature many of the same exclusives found in the original Natural-Flex line: A layer of channel-vented, tri-zoned memory foam at the top of the mattress for enhanced lumbar support and superior air circulation, and a channel-cut, tri-zoned Foamspring™ support base—a patent-pending design that increases the contouring ability and durability of the mattress.

The $999 bed uses a quilted, bamboo-based fabric that features CoolMax®, which adds breathability to the mattress and helps keep the cover dry and comfortable. The $799 model has a non-quilted fabric that is also bamboo-derived.


Rounding out Boyd’s latex-based offerings for market is a new Natural-Flex Topper Program using 100 percent Dunlop latex, as well as Dunlop/Talalay latex combinations.


“Our objectives with this program were the same as they were for our newly introduced memory foam topper line,” Boyd noted. “We sought to elevate and differentiate the quality and look of these products, to give them a compelling selling story and to make the point-of-sale support attractive and appealing.”


The four- and three-inch toppers are made from both Dunlop and Talalay latex, and feature a bamboo-based rayon fabric and a cream-colored “teddy bear” velour, respectively. The two-inch topper is an all-Dunlop latex layer, covered in a white cotton/poly blend fabric.


Boyd said he expects the new Natural-Flex toppers to range at retail from $299 to $499 in queen-size.


Bonus Base™ Presentations

As an innovator of myriad alternative sleep products, Boyd Specialty Sleep will present in Las Vegas a more economical redesign of its patent-pending Bonus Base platform bed frame, while introducing another, more upscale version of the design.


According to Boyd, the Bonus Base, which eliminates the need for a traditional box spring, foundation of metal frame, “has been selling very well. We felt that if we could improve the product, save cost and reduce the price at the same time, it would sell even better.”


The redesign of the original base reduces the number of assembly parts from four to two, involves new brackets that are adaptable to any head- and footboard system, and enables the cover to be attached to the frame without tools or brackets.


“The cover now features pockets for plastic inserts,” Boyd explained. “These inserts help maintain the form of the cover when placed over the frame, creating the clean, finished look of a well-tailored, conventional foundation.”


The new Bonus Base cover also has cutouts at the top to accommodate the headboard brackets, which Boyd noted is a major improvement for the 95 percent of consumers who use headboards only.


“Overall, our ‘new’ Bonus Base involves fewer parts, requires no tools and is much simpler for retailers and consumers to assemble,” he said. “Better still, the retail price for the redesign is now $99 in queen, versus $115 for the original model [in queen].”


The Bonus Base design—a coated, all-steel construction that supports up to 2,500 pounds—is also now available in a more aesthetic, silver and brushed nickel platform frame version to be introduced at market.


This new, contemporary design offers the same innovations of the less expensive model, but sports a silver frame accented by decorative arched legs in a nickel finish. Boyd noted that consumers may opt not to use the cover because of the attractiveness and versatility of the more upscale version, expected to retail at $199 in queen.


All of the company’s Bonus Bases provide sag-free and noise-free mattress support and are UPS-shippable. At 14 inches high, they provide ample under-bed storage for loose household items, or can be purchased with Hide-A-Way Drawers™--Boyd’s exclusive K-D canvas storage compartments.


Sold at a retail price of $49.99/pair, the compartments need no tools for assembly, are attached to the frame with Velcro® and easily roll out from under the bed on casters.


Boyd Specialty Sleep was founded in 1977 and dedicates itself to quality, innovation and excellence in a range of highly diversified specialty sleep products and accessories.


The company has earned more than 30 patents for its innovations and is strategically focused on consumer health and safety and the environmental impact of its products and processes.

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