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CKI Solutions Thinks Out of the Big Box (Store) with Its Back to School Survival Kit


February 4, 2011 - CKI Solutions (dba Cadence Keen Innovations, Inc.), a leading provider of bedding accessories to mattress retailers, introduces the Student Sleep Survival Kit. This exciting sales promotion will attract customers to retail bedding stores during the lucrative back to school season. The Student Sleep Survival Kit provides three bedding products: a unique, washable mattress topper to provide luxurious comfort on dorm beds, the choice of either a waterproof and anti-allergen mattress encasement or mattress protector, and a pillow encasement packaged together at a discounted price.

"We've long recognized the struggles mattress retailers face against the big box stores' increasing presence in the mattress supply market," states Sam Montross, Founder and CEO of CKI Solutions. "Over the past few years, we have focused on developing unique products that allow our valued retail partners a way to differentiate themselves from the big box chains, while also developing innovative promotional opportunities for them to increase sales, customer traffic and brand value."

The back to school season of July to September is second only to the Christmas holiday season in retail sales. According to the National Retail Federation, students and parents are expected to spend $31.7 billion gearing up for college. Dorm and apartment furnishings are becoming increasingly important to both students and parents, and spending is expected to reach $5.43 billion. Students living on-campus will outspend others in this category by a wide margin. On-campus students are expected to spend $1,078, double what students living at home will spend ($490) and also substantially more than students living off-campus ($790).

Dorm room mattresses are notoriously uncomfortable and usually a host to a multitude of horrors, such as: bacteria, molds, bed bugs, dust mites, and other pathogens that can cause infections, fever, allergies and other dangers to a student's health. The Student Sleep Survival Kit offers both comfort and protection and includes:

  • Sleep Survival Mattress Topper: Designed to provide an extraordinary level of comfort, support and resiliency in a washable, 100% hypoallergenic topper.

  • Sleep Survival Mattress Encasement: That offers absolute protection from absolutely everything, including liquids, stains, dust mites, bed bugs and other contaminants. Or they have a choice of a waterproof 5-sided mattress protector in a fitted sheet design.

  • Sleep Survival Pillow Encasement: That boast a luxurious, T-180 thread count, high-quality 100% satin polyester interlock backed with the industry's best protection.

About Cadence Keen Innovations: Headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Cadence Keen Innovations (dba CKI Solutions) is a leading provider of sleep solutions to the hospitality, retail and health care industries. Originally founded by Sam Montross as China Horse, Inc. in 1996, CKI Solutions offers a comprehensive line of mattress care and sleep accessory products. In addition to bed doublers, CKI Solutions also designs and manufactures cutting edge waterproof protectors and encasements for mattresses, pillows and box springs as well as the patented Bed MadeEZ, designed to reduce the back, shoulder and neck pain associated with the repeated lifting of heavy mattresses while making the bed.

To learn more about Student Sleep Survival Kit or other innovative sleep solutions offered by CKI, please contact Steven Gordon at 888-222-2217 or visit


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