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Colder Temperatures – Lower Prices!


Saves 15% on household energy consumption!     Now available in Organic Fabrics!


June 29, 2008 - Responding to consumer demand, Chili Technology has reduced our temperatures and our prices! Over the past 6 months we have been able to reduce our lowest operating temperature from 68° to 46° while reducing our prices up to 40%. After a successful launch at the Las Vegas Furniture market in 2007, we have leveraged the strong market demand and increasing volumes into better retail values across the board.


ChiliPad™ is a revolutionary new product that allows each side of the bed to be independently cooled to 46° (F) or warmed to 118° (F) by using our Single or Dual Zone control systems. By using Thermo Electric Devices we are able to quickly, quietly, and efficiently control any style mattress to a specific temperature with a small amount of conditioned water that circulates throughout micro tubes in a thin mattress pad.


By allowing consumers to adjust the mattress to their desired temperature on their side of the bed, ChiliPad™ puts a stop to the fighting over where to set the thermostat at night. By adjusting the temperature on your ChiliPad™ and not your thermostat, ChiliPad™ generates a yearly savings of 15% on your energy bill. A ChiliPad purchased now will be free in a year with energy savings alone!


Also new for the 2009 Season is our line of Organic Mattress pads that deliver the same amazing cooling and warming effects but now with organic cotton material. Many consumers are already aware of the negative health effects of electro magnetic fields created by electric blankets or heating pads, while these are ELIMINATED with the ChiliPad, we wanted to go one step further to embrace the growing demand for products made from organic and renewable materials with this new offering.


Our ChiliPad technology has been showcased on the Starry Night bed marketed by Leggett and Platt, a clear sign that our patented technology is cutting edge and on it’s way to make a huge impact on the worldwide bedding market.




For more information call 704-235-6831 or visit us online at


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