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Chili Technology to Showcase New Eco-Friendly

“ChiliBed” at Summer 2010 Las Vegas Market


Too Hot? Too Cold? The New ChiliBed® Makes it Just Right!


January 27, 2010 - Chili Technology announced this week that the company will be showcasing their new ChiliBed® Mattress at the 2010 Winter Las Vegas Market, February 1-5, 2010 at the World Market Center Las Vegas. The new natural foam mattress made from 100% soy polyol-based foam.has the Chili Technology embedded into the layers of foam allowing consumers to heat and cool their bed from 48-118 degrees F. The company will display this environmentally friendly, state-of- the-art sleep solution in the Specialty Sleep Association Building in space C1350.

“You no longer have to fight with temperature at night,” said Todd Youngblood, CEO and co-founder Chili Technology. “ChiliBed solves the problem of heat build-up, one of the primary complaints people have about memory foam mattresses. Our proprietary Chili Technology cools and warms the ChiliBed from 48-118 degrees offering unparalleled temperature control, body support and pressure relief. ChiliBed reacts immediately to your body and conforms to your exact shape. Look no further for better more restful sleep”.


Youngblood further stated, “A good night's sleep starts with body temperature; regulating your temperature helps you to feel refreshed and ready for the day ahead of you. With the introduction of our new ChiliBed, consumers can achieve a rejuvenating night's sleep or relaxing moment with the positive impact on quality of life and improved health that comes with it."


According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, soy polyols have only one-quarter the level of total environmental impact of petroleum-based foam. “Using soy as the ingredient in foam is definitely a step in the right direction for reducing environmental impact” said Youngblood.


With ChiliBed, environmentally-conscious consumers can take green living to a whole new level of luxury in their bedroom. The temperature controlled memory foam soy-based mattress is designed for maximum comfort and pressure relief. The unique foam adjusts based on weight rather than body heat, allowing users to get comfortable very quickly. It has a 11-inch mattress core, and is available in all standard mattress sizes.


Key product attributes include:

  • The Core:  A combination of high-density memory foam and other supportive foams, designed to create a body-conforming experience that results in pressure free sleep. There is no motion transfer from sleep partners with ChiliBed.

  • The Comfort Top:  A thick box top that includes the highest density memory foam available creates added comfort.

  • The Cover:  Classic and luxuriously designed fabric that is sensuously soft to the touch. 

  • The Feel:  High-density foam provides proper support for back sleepers and gives comfort support for side and stomach sleepers. 

  • Temperature Control: With the touch of a button, cool and warm the bed from 48-118 degrees. Dual controls offer sleep partners individualized comfort.

  • Other Key Facts:  Complies with the Federal fire safety standard of 16CFR1633. (Free of PBDEs)

At the Las Vegas Market, Chili Technology will also unveil:

  • Several new control units that will dramatically reduce the price range of the ChiliPad product line.

  • Chili Z (Z) control unit designed to deliver meaningful temperature change will be available in three variations of price and performance with retail prices ranging from $99 - $299

  • Chili Z™ A newly enhanced line of accessory items that embed the “Chili” technology in seating and massage pads. This new accessory collection opens the door to many other opportunities for the Company in the home and automotive industries.

The Company’s popular ChiliPad will also be displayed. ChiliPad is a mattress pad with both heating and cooling functions. The product is widely recognized for providing comfort to consumers who suffer from injuries, illness, arthritis, osteo-related conditions, sore muscles, insomnia, chemo-therapy symptoms and hot flashes from menopause among other health related issues where cooling or warming the body helps reduce or eliminate discomfort.


To learn more about ChiliTechnology products or to set-up an interview with CEO and co-founder Todd Youngblood, please contact Jane Westgate at 336-209-9276 or via e-mail


About Chili Technology, LLC

Chili Technology, LLC is a privately owned, rapidly growing product development company based in Mooresville, NC. The company focuses on mattress heating and cooling systems incorporating patented “Chili Technology”. Product successes include the ChiliPad™ (  and others.


For more information, visit or email


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