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Deslee Textiles USA Focuses on “Sleep Tomorrow” Technologies at ISPA Expo


Deslee Textiles USA Invites Mattress/Bedding Manufacturers to

Booth # 2431 at the ISPA  Expo to View Three New Stars!


March 1, 2010 - Bart DeHaerne and his team at DesleeTextiles USA have their collective eyes firmly on the future of sleep comfort and performance technology. DeHaerne tells BEDROOM Magazine, “Our team will be very proud to be present at the ISPA EXPO 2010 in Charlotte, NC.. We will be showcasing three new products along with our long established and diverse line of international award winning higher technology mattress covers. As we all know,” says Dehaerne,”a lot has changed in the past two years since  the last ISPA show in Baltimore 2008.  We at Deslee Textiles USA are always looking at how emerging trends and fashion will influence the mattress of tomorrow. We are dedicated to playing an active role in the design, engineering, performance, feel, and fashion of tomorrow’s mattresses,” says DeHaerne. “That is why we have chosen ‘Sleeping Tomorrow’ as our theme  for ISPA 2010. We are looking a broad scope of issues as we develop our business. For instance our focus is not only on the design , engineering and development of tomorrow’s mattress fabrics in order to address the needs of our customers, but we are also taking into account environmental issues and manufacturing methods. We are very concerned what the world will look like in the years to come,” states DeHaerne. Both sleeping comfort and respect for people and nature are factors that drive us as we develop new concepts in mattress textiles.


DeHaerne tells BEDROOM Magazine that the company will be featuring these three new products at ISPA EXPO 2010:

  • Reborn Reborn is a polyester fiber made from recycled PET bottles.  These plastic water bottles for mineral water and other drinks are popular with manufacturers and consumers alike.  Unfortunately, discarded bottles result in a massive mountain of waste. Using a completely clean Reborn technical process, the plastic from those PET bottles is transformed into high quality Reborn fibers that are 100% recycled – no more waste.  Mattress fabrics made of Reborn fiber are moisture permeable and absorbent, UV resistant, colorfast and extremely soft and flexible…a combination resulting in pure and clean sleep comfort.

  • ThermoCool Eco This product represents the “Evolution of Comfort, Natural Thermo Regulation” Recent consumer research confirms a high interest in multifunctional products that provide a variety of benefits.  Environmentally friendly options are given more consideration by a growing consumer segment.  The ThermoCool combination is a unique blend of fibers with a hollow core and fibers with a channeled surface.  Made from smart fiber cross-sections, it provides year-round thermo regulation and comfort.  Thermocool Eco is made of re-usable fibers that make this unique fabric not only cool but also eco-friendly.  

  • EcoFair Equitable and Eco-friendly cotton. Consumers are becoming increasingly discerning about the quality of textile products. The demand for pure and alternative materials continues to grow. EcoFair mattress fabrics from Deslee Textiles USA meet this need in two ways: ‘eco’ stands for organically cultivated cotton, ‘fair’ for honest and socially responsible business practices. Hence, EcoFair…

The DesleeClama Group

DesleeTextiles USA is part of the DesleeClama Group, one of the leading global companies in Mattress fabrics. Worldwide present with factories in Belgium, Romania, the United States, Indonesia and Brazil, and sales offices in Spain, Singapore and India. In 2009,  DesleeClama has also taken a 40% participation in Mattex, based in Elsies River, Cape Town, South Africa. 


Retailers & manufacturers interested in learning more about DesleeTextiles USA contact:


General Manager: Bart Dehaerne

President Deslee USA


VP Sales: Eric Delaby

Phone: 864-431-6096


Deslee Textiles USA

1880 Campton Road

Inman SC 29349 U.S.A.

Phone: 864-472-2180

FAX: 864-472-2182


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