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Eclipse International Patents Spinal Zone - Zoned Quilt Technology

May 18, 2011 - Eclipse International announced today that their patented design for the Spinal Zone – Zoned Quilt Technology has been approved by the US Patent office. The Zoned Quilt Technology incorporates a densified quilt pattern to eliminate body impression and provide additional support in the middle third of the mattress (the lumbar region). This specialized zoned quilt pattern pre-compresses the cushioning materials in center third of the mattress to help eliminate breakdown and provide additional support to the area most commonly associated with body impression.

Designed to work in conjunction with the patented Spinal Zone Unit, the Zoned Quilt Technology is a significant enhancement of Eclipse’s original Spinal Zone technology. The patented Spinal Zone unit is already being used around the world in Eclipse’s premium mattress lines. The effectiveness of Spinal Zone was proven to reduce back stiffness by 96% and reduce back pain by 34% in a year-long clinical study conducted at the West Virginia University Human Performance Laboratory.

The Spinal Zone – Zoned Quilt Technology marks the fifth patent for Eclipse International. In addition to providing support and helping to eliminate breakdown in the center third of the mattress, the zoned quilt pattern provides the customer with a clearer picture of the location of the Spinal Zone Unit and the benefits it provides.

“At Eclipse, we are continually working on new technologies to enhance our mattresses. We have always understood that a mattress plays a critical role in the quality of our customer’s sleep and ultimately their health. This patent adds a new level of support and comfort to the area of the body commonly associated with back pain. In addition, the technology will help to prevent breakdown and improve the longevity of the mattress itself.” explains Dr. Jason Hagman, a chiropractor and Executive Vice President of Eclipse International.

A summary of the invention, as accepted by the United States Patent Office and printed in US patent number 7,886,385, “This innovative structure provides advantages of better postural support, reduced manufacturing costs, better in-service durability, extra thermal insulation and padding, and better comfort”.

Eclipse International is a bedding manufacturing cooperative, using manufacturing and marketing expertise to develop scientifically advanced bedding systems. Eclipse crafted the clinically proven and patented Spinal Zone, Spinal Zone 2, Allergy Free, LifEdge perimeter support systems, and Zoned Quilt Technology. In May 2000, Stuart Carlitz, President of Bedding Industries of America and Mattress Development Company, acquired Eclipse and all intellectual properties and began licensing it around the world.

The mission of Eclipse is to provide ongoing research, product development, patented design and marketing innovation to develop unparalleled sleep products for healthy sleep.

For additional information, please contact Mr. Stuart Carlitz at Eclipse International Headquarters at 800-634-8434 or by email at 


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