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New Eclipse Science of Sleep: Keeping the story real with the latest technology


March 10, 2009 - Eclipse International has launched a new program to simplify the mattress buying experience and guide the consumer to a sleep system that is ideal for her body type. The keystone of this new sales program is an in-store guide used by both the consumer and retail sales associate. Based on pressure mapping studies performed at the Eclipse International headquarters, the program enables the sales person to guide the customer to one of six categories of sleep surfaces – more specifically, the one that provides them with optimal pressure relief.


The categories are as follows: Extra firm, Gentle firm, Plush, Plush Pillow Top, Ultra Plush, and Ultra Plush Euro Pillow Top. Eclipse International is committed to providing its retail partners with value and with the tools that they need to do business and compete.


“Now a sales person can assist in the comfort decision by guiding the consumer to a mattress that will give them optimal pressure relief as well as one that they find comfortable. It helps the retailer and also gives the customer peace of mind because they know that they are choosing the right mattress for them. When a person sleeps on a bed that does not provide adequate support for their body type, their back and neck are forced into a position that irritates the joints of the spine and pinches on the sensitive nerves in those areas. This inevitably leads to the person waking with tight muscles, back pain, neck pain and even headaches.” (Dr. Jason Hagman, Eclipse International Vice President).


“Eclipse International is working to ensure that people who choose to sleep on an Eclipse mattress are getting a good night’s sleep and waking up feeling refreshed without pain or stiffness. Sleeping on a bed with Eclipse’s clinically proven Spinal Zone Sleep System, as well as on a sleep surface that provides optimal or minimal pressure, is a powerful combination for enabling us to do that.” (Ken Wilschek, Program Developer).


Eclipse mattresses with the patented Spinal Zone Sleep System are the only mattresses endorsed by the largest chiropractic representative organization in the world, the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations.


Retailers interested in learning more about the full Eclipse line and the new comfort-decision program should contact Matt Connolly or Stu Carlitz at Eclipse: or call toll Free 800-634-8434, Fax 732-628-0155, 


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