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New Ergomotion ‘Nuvo’ Adjustable System

Ramps-Up Massage, Eliminates Retainer Bar


A Power Bed that Meets ‘Young, Hip’ Consumers Expectations


January 15, 2009 - Power base innovator Ergomotion introduces the “classic bed look” in an adjustable bed for the first time with the introduction of the 400 V Series Nuvo Visco Attachment System, marrying the base and mattress together. The new bed will be shown at the Las Vegas Furniture Show February 9 through 13, 2009.



Classic Appearance, Easy to Make, and No ‘Bridging’

The 400 V Series Nuvo Visco power bed showcases a number of innovations and improvements for the first time in the adjustable category. A patented locked in place mattress-to-base attachment system affixes the mattress to the base, eliminating institutional-looking retainer bars used traditionally. As a result, this bed appears no different than a standard bed. Consequently, it is easier to put sheets and bedding in place due to the elimination of the retainer, and its attached mattress will not “bridge” (open large gaps under the mattress) when in the inclined positions. The mattress won’t slide from side to side as the one-sided visco mattress is locked down.


Recessed Massage: Good Vibrations, More Efficient

In addition, the 400 V Series Nuvo Visco bed, the company’s top-of-the-line power system, features new recessed massage units that are inserted into the mattress itself during the manufacturing process. This does two things: it provides a quieter muffled sound when operated and it is about 50% more “vibrational” since the motors are closer to the sleepers’ bodies. Traditional massage systems are affixed to the base’s deck therefore nearly half the motors’ energy is dissipated away from the body. The enhanced massage system’s motors are placed in the head and foot areas of the bed and operated by a new super slim wireless remote control. 


Lifestyle Customers Objections Overcome

The Nuvo Visco 10 inch thick mattress is 100% pure 5.5 lb visco over a high density foam base. The bed ships in two boxes, and will retail (king) at $2,999.00 to $3499.00.


‘Lifestyle’ Consumers Objections Overcome

Kelly Clenet, Ergomotion President, said “The 400 V Nuvo Visco is one of several innovations Ergomotion is bringing to market in Las Vegas. This bed’s benefits meet the expectation of today’s young, hip, consumer -- the people who now buy power bases are quite often Lifestyle Consumers, as opposed to the older medical-use demographic that sustained the industry historically. We listen to our customers and to these new consumers. We act on what we learn. With this new 400 V Series Nuvo Visco, Ergomotion has overcome bonafide objections. Plus, this is an affordable bed. It is also a bed that people in the business, the professionals, say they want to own.”


Ergomotion will exhibit at the Las Vegas Furniture Market, Building C, space 1355, February 9 through 13, 2008.


 Works With or Without Legs in Any Frame

Ergomotion products are delivered in any quantity, from several units to full containers. Ergomotion bases fit in any frame and elevate to a full sitting position. Seven sizes including split queen are available. Medium and high-end units are wall-saving and all feature removable height-adjustable legs. Power bases operate without legs. Snap-in replacement parts require no tools. Service issues are handled by a 24 hour toll free consumer telephone line. Ergomotion’s factory is ISO 9000 certified.


For additional information please visit or call 805-688-3151.


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