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FabricTech Introduces “PureCare” as the New Premium Brand Platform

for its Antibacterial Silver & OmniGuard™ Products


July 16, 2010 - Fabrictech International, the innovative leader in health and allergy protection in the sleep products industry, has completed the re-branding of its premium protection lineup called “PureCare™”, which highlights the performance fiber characteristics found in its new Antibacterial Silver mattress and pillow protectors.


The company spent the past several months rebranding the program in order to help retailers showcase the benefits of premium health and allergy protection products that raise the industry’s performance bar to “allow the consumer to take back their bedroom” by killing bacteria on contact, as well as providing complete protection against bedbugs, dust mites, allergens and moisture.


Retailers can now sell making the bedroom a healthier place to sleep


“Fabrictech products enable the retailer to have a completely different conversation with their customers. Instead of just talking about a protector in the context of a warranty, they can raise the bar and also talk about making the bedroom a healthier place to sleep,” said Fabrictech President and Chief Operating Officer Jeff Bergman. “PureCare Antibacterial Silver allows us to take health and clean to a new level. Our mattress and pillow protectors not only guarantee the manufacturer’s warranty, but they create the cleanest surface for the sleeper while not altering the comfort of the new mattress and pillow.”


In addition to the rebranding program that affords new packaging and POP tools, Fabrictech also provides its dealers with extensive retail-focused training to help RSAs better sell accessories in today’s competitive business climate.


Bergman said the company will use the PureCare brand as a platform for future premium products. “We are exploring how to integrate other additives into our mattress and pillow protection products that will enhance the health, safety and comfort of our customers. PureCare will be our brand platform for this future innovation,” he said.


The PureCare™ Antibacterial Silver system safeguards your mattress and pillows from bacteria, mildew and fungi with silver ions that locate bacteria and deactivate it while suppressing the reproduction of dust mites and their allergens. Combined with Fabrictech’s OmniGuard™ Ultra fabric that is bedbug, dust mite and allergen proof, FabrichTech tells BEDROOM Magazine that the new PureCare™ Antibacterial Silver products provide the healthiest and cleanest mattress and pillow protectors available today.


A byproduct of the sterilization of bacteria is a hygiene function that protects against its resulting unpleasant odors. Additionally, the reproduction of dust mites and their allergens are effectively inhibited. The product is dermatological tested and safe and Oeko–Tex certified. The silver thread fibers in the fabric provide unique protection, yet are small enough not to impair the comfort and contour of the sleep surface.


Fabrictech’s PureCare™ Antibacterial Silver mattress protection products range in suggested retail price from $119 to $169 in queen size. Its pillow protection product is $39.


“The Fabrictech brand is continuing its steep growth because we deliver high quality, health protection, value and outstanding service to our retailers. We remain dedicated to providing the finest products that provide the best possible margins to our customers,” said Fabrictech Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Arnold Hershbain.


Visit Fabrictech International at the Summer Las Vegas Furniture Market at Showroom C-1532.


Founded in 1992, FabricTech International provides consumers with a safer and healthier sleeping environment by utilizing the most advanced technology, the finest materials and highest quality workmanship. In addition, all FabricTech International products adhere to strict medical guidelines. FabricTech International is the exclusive provider of mattress protection products for The Style Network.


For more information about FabricTech International visit or call 800-758-8563.


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