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FabricTech Raises the Bar with Germ, Bacteria & Odor Protection With New “Elite” Line of Sanitized® Silver Bed Protection Products


First Line in U.S. to offer Fibers That Protect Against Allegens & Dust Mites, Germs and Bacteria


January 11, 2010 - FabricTech International, known for their pioneering leadership in advanced technology and comfort to the sleep products protection industry, is again raising the industry’s performance bar by introducing a new line of products that “allow the consumer to take back their bedroom” by killing bacteria on contact, as well as providing protection against allergens, dust mites and moisture.

The premium line will be called FabricTech Elite and will be the first time Sanitized® Silver fibers, imported from Germany, are used in bed and pillow protection products in the United States.

FabricTech Elite has a unique sanitized silver system that safeguards your mattress and pillows from bacteria, mildew and fungi with silver ions that locate bacteria and deactivate it while suppressing the reproduction of dust mites and their allergens, according to FabricTech 2000 sources.

“Simply put, Fabrictech Elite mattress and pillow protectors offer the finest unsurpassed protection against bacteria and dust mites, mold and mildew in our industry,” said FabricTech International President and Chief Operating Officer Jeff Bergman. “It is time for our customers to take back their bedroom from the bacteria and dust mites that create an unhealthy sleeping environment, and allow them to rest assured that their bedroom is the safest place to be.”

According to Bergman one by-product of the sterilization of bacteria is a hygiene function that protects against its resulting unpleasant odors. Additionally, the reproduction of dust mites and their allergens are effectively inhibited. The product is dermatological tested and safe, and environmentally friendly. The silver thread fibers in the fabric provide unique protection, yet are small enough not to impair the comfort and contour of the sleep surface.

Most mattress odors are the result of fast multiplying bacteria cells that add a foul smell to normal body perspiration. The Sanitized® Silver fiber works like a deodorant to controls the multiplication of bacteria so there is no odor from perspiration and the sleep surface smells fresh. All Elite products can also be washed for additional freshness.

“Our FabricTech Elite product is the result of the ongoing work of our strong research and development team. They are constantly looking to bring new innovations in health and hygiene to the sleep surface protection industry,” said FabricTech International Chairman and CEO Arnold Hershbain. “We believe the introduction of bacteria prevention in our products will be as important as the first time we offered a total encasement product and our exclusive PureFlow™ filter with AirXchange micro-filtration technology that adds a new degree of comfort with a breathable micro-filter sewn into products.”

Bergman added that the finest retailers in the sleep products industry continue to look to FabricTech to expand their offerings of bed and pillow protection products. “Our unequalled quality and technology allow the retailer to effectively convey the value of mattress and pillow protectors to the end consumer. Our retail training program is the conduit to helping our customers capture the extra 5 to 10 percent volume that they are missing in this product category with astounding profit margins,” he said. “Our retailers are constantly looking to expand our lineup as they see it as a means to not only offer their customers a superior sleep product protection solution with unparalleled customer satisfaction, but also higher profits themselves. FabricTech Elite mattress protection products range in price from $119 to $169 in queen size. Its pillow protection product is $39.

In addition to the Elite series, FabricTech offers an entry-level program called StainGuard, a quilted and organic cotton lineup of its popular mattress protector, total encasement and pillow protection line, and it’s flagship OmniGuard® Ultra line that uses a breathable PolyKnit™ outer layer absorbs perspiration, moisture and stains, while the waterproof InnerShield™ membrane protects them from reaching the mattress. It wicks moisture away instead of creating an uncomfortable “puddle” effect. This also prevents mold and mildew from forming. OmniGuard® Ultra is naturally dust mite, bed bug, stain and water resistant, and is made with no added chemicals, so it is safe for children and pets. The products are waterproof, quiet and cool, unlike noisy, sticky vinyl.

Retailers interested in learning more about FabricTech products should visit FabricTech International at the Winter Las Vegas Furniture Market at Showroom C-1532 or visit


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