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Foamex Introduces BodyZone, a New Defense For Hospitals and Nursing Homes


New Product Line to introduced at SAWC/WHS Meeting in Dallas


May 26, 2009 - While normally BEDROOM Magazine does not report on non-retail or non-commercial product innovations and developments, when a new mattress/bedding solution that could be eventually used in the commercial area, then we think retailers should know what could be coming in the future.


In April 2009, Foamex, a leading producer of polyurethane foam-based solutions and specialty comfort products, introduced its new BodyZone™ and BodyZone™ Ultra to the healthcare bedding sector as new solutions to pressure ulcer prevention, treatment and to achieve an optimum level in patient care.


With its signature approach of using the most advanced technology and engineering in the industry, Foamex has developed these series of new products to reduce the clinical occurrence of pressure ulcers that can result from long-term bed care.


In independent testing, the BodyZone support surfaces demonstrated superior performance over other brands by neutralizing pressure, heat, moisture, friction and shear – the factors that lead to dermal and tissue breakdown.


“The healthcare market is a key pillar of our growth strategy at Foamex, and we are committed to bringing innovative solutions to this segment that can enhance patient care and maximize facility operations,” said Jack Johnson, Foamex President and CEO.


The Problem With Pressure

“The magnitude of the pressure ulcer occurrence coupled with the recent changes in the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS) reimbursement rules has increased the need for a more effective, creative and comfortable solution”, said Mario Neto, Foamex Director of Business Development.


In order to prevent pressure ulcers before they start, Foamex engineers worked with innovative designs and the Company’s latest generation of highly breathable memory foams to enhance the performance of its support surfaces portfolio.


Independent testing of these advancements illustrated that BodyZone’s technology delivers the lowest average and maximum pressure readings and the highest body envelopment scores for better comfort and care.


These new support surface solutions are manufactured utilizing Foamex’s patented VPFSM, or Variable Pressure Foaming, the most environmentally friendly manufacturing process available globally which has virtually zero emissions.


In addition, Foamex’s Surface Modification Technology (SMTSM) helps reduce friction and shear, offering additional protection to the skin.

Foamex has an excellent track record of developing new products for medical device applications including: dressing for vacuum assisted wound closure, applicators for preoperative skin preparation, blood oxygenators, products for breast cushioning during mammogram and instrument protection products to reduce the cost of replacing delicate and expensive surgical instruments.


Expert Input

Foamex introduced BodyZone at the 22nd Annual Symposium on Advanced Wound Care and Wound Healing Society (SAWC/WHS) Meeting, which was held April 26-29, 2009, in Dallas. The SAWC/WHS show is regarded industry-wide as the premier educational wound care-focused program. Beyond the BodyZone exhibit at SAWC/WHS, Michel Hermans, M.D., also presented a white paper on the benefits and protection capabilities of the new Foamex advancements. Dr. Hermans is a well-known key opinion leader in the wound care arena with expertise in general surgery, trauma care and burn care.


For more information about BodyZone by Foamex and to download Dr. Herman’s paper, please visit


About Foamex

Foamex, headquartered in Media, PA, is the world’s leading producer of polyurethane foam-based solutions and specialty comfort products. The Company services the bedding, furniture, carpet cushion and automotive markets and also manufactures high-performance polymers for diverse applications in the industrial, aerospace, defense, electronics and computer industries.


For more information, visit the Foamex website at


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