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Glideaway Introduces Sleepharmony Brand to Position Sleep Products Division

as the “Target” of the Bedding Industry


March 15, 2010 - Glideaway® Sleep Products said it was branding its mattress and pillow line as sleepharmony™, in a move to position it as the “Target” of value bedding products in the U.S.


“You can be the Kmart or the Target in the value space. We want to be the latter because we appreciate conscientious consumers looking for high quality merchandise at cost effective prices,” said Glideaway President Carmi Fredman. “We conducted market research, benchmarked Target’s approach, and took a chapter from their brand positioning playbook. When it comes to the bedding industry, consumers can expect the same value proposition from sleepharmony that Target has captured in the general retail space.”


To compliment Glideaway’s rebranding, they have launched a new marketing campaign evoking spa-like imagery to promote the brand as products offering a high level of design and performance at a valuable price point. A new tag line, “revive your sleep,” new logos and product names that include Balance, Harmony, Revitalize, Renew, Serenity, and Tranquility, help differentiate the sleepharmony line from other products in the marketplace.


“When all the components needed for the ultimate sleep experience harmoniously come together for our retailers and their customers, that’s sleepharmony,” Fredman adds. “From the carefully constructed bases, to the quality of our mattresses, and even our plush pillows, Glideaway continues to provide our loyal client base with unsurpassed comfort and a tranquil all-in-one shopping experience that remains our standard.”


Founded in the 1920s as a furniture retailer in Illinois, Glideaway is a full-service bedding manufacturer and supplier to full-line furniture retailers, specialty sleep shops, and web-based e-tailers. Their products include a complete line-up of visco and latex mattresses, adjustable bed bases, bed frames, pillows, mattress protection products, headboards and juvenile beds. Based in St. Louis, the company employs more than 140 people in its 185,000 square-foot manufacturing, distribution, and showroom complex.


Retailers seeking more information on Glideaway should contact:

Glideaway Sleep Products

8226 Lackand Road

St. Louis, MO 63114



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