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Jodi Allen Says, “Sealy is Listening to The Voice of the Consumer”


The Latex Foam and Memory Foam Embody by Sealy Line --- A Response to Consumer Desire


April 17, 2010 - Why is Sealy the number one mattress brand and industry leader? Jodi Allen, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Sealy® tells BEDROOM Magazine that this is accomplished by listening to, and serving the needs of the consumer. From that perspective, Sealy’s recent introduction of the new Embody™ by Sealy line (four latex and four memory foam mattresses) is a lot more than just the company’s latest introduction. It is instead a reflection of Sealy’s focused consumer research to give each consumer a sleep product that addresses what they like and want.

The Embody line is a product introduction driven by consumer demand, rather than the branding forces that often determine the industry-driven products offered by large mattress manufacturers, such as supply-side engineering and product development. As such, the jargon and distinctions between latex mattresses and visco-memory foam mattresses have been eliminated with the offering of two sets of four beds under the same “Embody” branding. “Consumers want it simple,” says Allen. “The consumers told us mattress shopping is really confusing. They do not know what latex is or the distinctions between latex and memory foam. They do know if they like or do not like it when they feel it,” states Allen.


Sealy is making it simpler for the consumer by giving them an attractive brand with simple choices and offering features the consumer is looking for. “One consumer summed up a lot of the sentiment we heard with the comment, ‘I am certifiably confused.’ References to coils, foams and specialty sleep have no meaning to many Americans,” states Allen. “Consumers told us, ‘I shouldn’t need a learning curve for my mattress.’” Allen says the science of sleep does not touch the consumer’s heart and mattress manufacturers are often talking industry jargon. “We (the industry) are talking to our competitors, not to our consumers.”


Allen shared that one consumer who has struggled with a chronic illness says that buying a mattress is about him, not the bed. People invest in heath and their well-being, not a mattress. The consumer said, “This is an investment in my back and good sleep.”

Sealy is making it simple. “While the latex beds have one look and feel, and the memory foam beds have another look and feel, it is clearly one simple brand. With Embody, we offer consumers simple, healthy sleep featuring both memory foam and latex under one brand marketed as ‘Embody by Sealy.’ It is all about the ‘FEEL’ of these beds in one place, with one brand name, allowing the consumer to choose which comfort level they prefer,” says Allen.

So with the consumer in mind and a focus on providing a healthy sleep environment, Sealy designed Embody to promote air circulation. It begins with mattress fabric that is made of Body Climate® by Polartec®, featuring unique air channels that regulate body temperature, offer maximum breathability and wick away moisture. This fabric is also quick drying and anti-microbial. The mattress is constructed with allergen-resistant foams providing a natural shield against dust mites. Additionally, Sealy informs BEDROOM Magazine that the Embody mattresses are safe products, free from ozone-depleting chemicals and formaldehyde.

Keeping the lifestyle and comfort of the consumer in mind, Sealy constructed a foundation system with a side-pocket for such items as books, TV remote controls, cell phones and magazines. “The bed and the bedroom are becoming more and more a place for living,” says Allen. ”So we purposely made this product to resemble a piece of furniture.” Sealy used upholstery grade fabrics in the foundation. Each of the beds is constructed as one single piece to ensure all layers of materials work in unison to fully support the body and to ensure long-lasting comfort and longevity of product.

Allen was extremely enthusiastic about the fact the Embody line had exceeded consumer trials and testing, as well as retailer approval. The line is due to ship to selected Sealy retails stores across the US during the second quarter 2010.

Retailers wishing to know more about the Embody by Sealy should visit:


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