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Joe Alexander of Keetsa to Speak at Internet Retailers’ Conference in Boston Mid-June


Fastest Growing Tradeshow and Exhibit in US



June 2, 2009 - Joe Alexander of California-based Keetsa Mattress and the web guru of has been invited to speak at the 2009 Internet Retailers Conference (IRCE) in mid-June in Boston, MA. Keetsa is increasingly being recognized for it's innovative approach to the mattress industry. As a member of the Specialty Sleep Association, we are excited to bring Specialty Sleep products to an entirely new marketplace. Brick and Mortar stores are starting to realize that their website and web presence can drive sales, set them apart from their local competition and expand their market reach. Considering IRCE has been named the fastest growing trade show/exhibition in the country, Alexander tells BEDROOM Magazine that this is a considerable honor and a recognition of Keetsa’s growing success in the online and brick and mortar sales of specialty sleep mattresses.


Alexander points out that there are more than 13,000 trade shows held in the U.S. each year, it is a huge achievement for the show that's selected the fastest growing show in all the land by the leading publication in the conference business. That is exactly the honor bestowed on the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition, which several months ago was named America's fastest growing conference by Tradeshow Week at its annual "Fastest Fifty" banquet celebrating the fastest growing trade shows and conferences. In his invitation to the fifth annual IRCE 2009 to be held at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center on June 15-19, 2009, Internet Retailer Publisher Jack Love explains how IRCE became America's fastest growing show and how this year's conference strives to outshine all those that went before.


Alexander is a proud advocate of internet retail marketing, especially as it relates to achieving a successful strategy for brick and mortar stores sales of sleep products.


For further information on IRCE or Keetsa Mattress contact: 


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