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Latex International Expands Fabrication Capacity – Opening Texas Facility


August 17, 2010 - Latex International (LI), the world’s largest producer of Talalay latex mattresses and pillows, will open a 100,000 square foot mattress component fabrication facility in Wichita Falls, TX, just 2 hours northwest of Dallas in early September. At the same time, the company will be closing its Atlanta facility.

LI has contracted supply chain leader Unisource Logistics Solutions to ensure that lead times are reduced by utilizing their warehousing, cross-docking capabilities, inventory management and distribution services to better deliver the world’s highest quality latex to its customers’ factories. The company’s Connecticut fabrication site will continue to service the Northeast.

“As part of the company’s growth plans, we broke ground on June 17th on a new latex manufacturing plant in Malaysia. Combined with additional latex capacity, the company is also focusing on its fabrication capabilities”, said Kevin Coleman, President and CEO of Latex International. “LI’s ability to centralize our latex inventory (produced in our Connecticut foam pouring plant) will create greater production efficiencies, minimize stock-outs, and provide more consistent and improved on-time delivery. The new facility is twice the size of our facility in Atlanta and LI will have the fabrication capacity to triple the output that we are currently producing,” he added.

The opening of the Texas site is phase one of the company’s new fabrication strategy. Unisource will provide LI with greater flexibility, which benefits mattress manufacturers given the just-in-time sourcing methods used in our industry. Unisource has a fleet of over 500 vehicles and contracts hundreds of private trucking companies around the U.S. to find customers the greatest transportation value. Unisource also offers 80 warehouse distribution centers around the country that would help LI quickly supply stocked products to customer locations nationwide.

Phase 2 of the company’s fabrication services redesign includes the closure of its La Mirada, CA facility in December. LI’s new Unisource logistics network will allow its customers on the west coast to continue to order smaller skid quantities as well as pickup on a more regular basis. Latex International will conduct a transportation analysis for each customer to ensure the company delivers on-time and at the best value. “For LI’s truckload customers, Unisource will provide extremely competitive rates as backhauls are quite abundant coming out of TX. This provides great values to our customers in the West, Central, and Southeastern parts of the U.S.”, said, Coleman.

Phase 3 of LI’s expansion plans includes adding in 2013 Talalay latex pouring capacity to the Texas facility, which has all the necessary infrastructure such as power availability, electrical, gas, and lighting.

About Latex International: Founded 35 years ago, Latex International is North America’s leading manufacturer of latex mattress components and pillows. The company, based in Shelton, CT USA, develops superior sleep products featured under many key retail brand names. Latex International’s Talalay latex provides a unique feel of comfort and support by gently conforming to body contours, while inherently providing a naturally resilient and healthy sleep environment.

For more information, contact Kevin Stein, VP Marketing and R&D at  or call: Tel: 203-924-0700

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