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Latexco Group Resolutely Chooses Green Energy by Installing 2,600 Solar Panels 


Choice of Green Energy Fits Perfectly in the Group’s Sustainable Strategy

December 3, 2010 - The Latexco Group has recently shared with BEDROOM Magazine a report on their own green initiatives as a company. Latexco has been attaching great importance to sustainability for many years now. Renewable resources, sustainable waste management, water treatment, energy-saving measures … these are just a few of Latexco’s initiatives to save the environment. When it comes to energy, Latexco resolutely purchases green energy. This energy-conscious choice was recently highlighted by the installation of 2,600 solar panels on the roof of the Latexco Solutions facility, yielding 550 kWh of green energy.

The Latexco Group manufactures latex foam products for the bedding industry and is one of the world leaders in its field. The Latexco Solutions subsidiary offers a unique solution for treating the scrap and production surplus that is released during the manufacturing of latex. The company converts this waste into a useful new material, in accordance with the latest environmental regulations and legislation. In this way, it meets Latexco’s responsible and sustainable policy - one of the group’s main pillars.

Energy-Conscious Enterprise

Latexco’s commitment to ecological responsibility and sustainable entrepreneurship manifests itself in many ways.

Besides synthetic latex, which is extracted from petroleum, the company also uses a considerable part of Natural Rubber Latex in every latex formulation. A product from the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). Natural Rubber Latex is a renewable material.

The establishment of Latex Solutions, over 10 years ago, was a way of ensuring the sustainable treatment of the latex residues that result from the latex manufacturing process. At the Latexco Solutions plant, the residues are completely recycled for reuse in applications for the furniture-, construction-, packaging- and agriculture sectors.

Thanks to recent investments in a state-of-the-art water treatment plant, currently over 90% of the waste water within the Latexco Group is reused.

In this context fits also the conscious choice to use only 100% green energy. And Latexco goes further still. Reducing energy consumption is also a way to support sustainable entrepreneurship. By optimizing its production processes, Latexco has been able to drastically cut energy consumption. As a member of the Flemish Energy Benchmarking Covenant, the company is committed to continually enhancing energy efficiency. The recent installation of 2,600 solar panels on the roof of the Latexco Solutions facility fits perfectly with that objective. The installation, which went live in October, generates 550 kW of green energy per hour. In this way, the group is almost energy self-sufficient: it generates most of the energy it needs.

About Latexco: Latexco NV is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of latex foam components for the bedding industry. Latexco combines the flexibility and responsiveness of a family-owned business with the strengths of an international/(a global market/a world-class) player. Besides the headquarters in Tielt (Belgium), Latexco also has production and logistics facilities in Spain (Zaragoza), USA (Georgia & California) and Indonesia (Surbaya) and decentralized sales offices in Singapore, Brazil and Spain.

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About Latexco Solutions: Latexco Solutions is a subsidiary of Latexco NV. The company turns industrial scrap into an indispensable, high-quality product. Latex foam and polyether (PU) scrap are converted by a process of granulation into blocks of various sizes, colors and densities. These blocks can be used immediately in a large number of crafts and industrial applications.

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