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Natura World Delivers Healthy, Eco-Chic New Mattress Line Up


June 1, 2010 - Natura World Inc., dynamic provider of natural, green and organic sleep solutions, has upped the ante yet again with a revamped line-up of eco-friendly mattresses. Effective June 1, a new crop of NaturaLatex™ and NaturaPedic™ mattresses will be available to consumers across North America.

“We aren’t content to sit on our laurels,” said Ralph Rossdeutscher, president and CEO of Natura World Inc. “Every great product can be improved. We’ve taken a thorough look at our mattresses, thought about what sleep challenges have yet to be solved and implemented some exciting new ideas.”

Aside from a fresh new look, Natura World has increased the already abundant natural and organic content of their mattresses. What’s more, the addition of targeted support zones tackle high pressure areas like shoulders hips and lower legs. The new NaturaLatex and NaturaPedic now feature a selection of mattresses with these targeted support zones. And all of this is done at a reduced cost to both retailers and consumers.

To solve the comfort-dilemma of bed sharing, the NaturaLatex line-up also provides dual comfort versions of their most popular mattresses. Firm on one half, luxurious on the other, Natura’s dual mattresses ensure proper support and indulgent comfort for both partners.

“Adequate comfort and support is a critical component to healthy sleep – for both individuals sharing a sleep environment. Natura’s dual surface mattresses ensure that there is no compromise necessary for a great night’s rest,” said Rossdeutscher. “Better sleep means healthier, happier people.”

Natura introduced the new line of mattresses at High Point Market in April and drew an overwhelmingly favorable response. Beginning June 1, consumers will be able to see these new mattresses online at the Natura World website. Showroom orders are currently being filled and will be arriving at mattress stores across North America shortly.

In conjunction with the launch, Natura announced earlier this week that all mattresses will now have a healthy, antibacterial, hypoallergenic solution applied to the covers. The Natural Silver treatment eliminates microbes on contact, to preserve mattress hygiene and protect consumer health. Natural Silver solution kills candida (yeast), e.coli, avian flu, listeria, salmonella, even the highly anti-biotic resistant MRSA, and yet it’s colorless, odorless and non-toxic.

“Silver solutions are being used in everything from wound dressings, pressure garments and scar management fabric to sportswear and hygiene products,” Rossdeutscher commented. “A perfect blending of an age old solution with modern technology. A perfectly natural fit for Natura World.”

To learn more about the new mattress line-up at Natura World or to schedule an interview with Mr. Rossdeutscher, please contact Julia Rosien.

About Natura World: Founded 16 years ago by the Rossdeutscher family, Natura is committed to nurturing healthy bodies, souls and planet through healthy sleep systems. By providing a nourishing night’s sleep through sustainable, earth-friendly materials and manufacturing, Natura truly is where nature meets nurture. It’s not a trend. It’s about aligning personal values with everyday actions. A good night’s sleep makes for happier, healthier people and ultimately a better planet.

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