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Natura World Launches Value-Priced Mattresses to Natural Line Up


January 13, 2010 - Natura World Inc. is pleased to usher in a new era of innerspring mattresses (GreenSpring™) to compliment their growing line of natural, green and organic mattresses. The individually wrapped coil mattresses allow consumers to customize their comfort level with pure wool and cotton, latex and soy-based foams.    

“As a leading manufacturer of natural latex and foam mattresses, we saw a need in the market for coil mattresses paired with more natural components,” said Ralph Rossdeutscher, president of Natura World Inc. “GreenSpring™ mattresses bring the beauty of natural sleep to consumers who prefer a coil mattress.”  

Natura’s GreenSpring™ lineup is composed of nine mattresses in three distinct series that stair-step the amount of wool, latex and coils. Additionally, each series has a unique support zone story to answer the different sleep challenges relating to pressure point relief.  

The coils, made from recycled steel, are tempered, pre-compressed and then individually wrapped before being formed into a complete coil unit. Because each coil functions independently of its neighbor, body curves are contoured and supported. The coil unit is then foam encased to provide a smooth transition from the edge of the bed and across the entire sleep surface.  

GreenSpring™ is a technologically advanced pairing of natural materials and pocketed innerspring coils. Motion transfer is almost completely eliminated with Natura’s GreenSpring™ mattresses. The entire sleep system is designed to provide the sleeper a deep more restful night’s sleep while achieving superior durability.  

About Natura World: Founded 15 years ago by the Rossdeutscher family, Natura is committed to nurturing healthy bodies, souls and planet through healthy sleep systems. By providing a nourishing night’s sleep through sustainable, earth-friendly materials and manufacturing, Natura truly is where nature meets nurture. It’s not a trend. It’s about aligning personal values with everyday actions. A good night’s sleep makes for happier, healthier people and ultimately a better planet.

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