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OMI and ABC Home & Planet Co-Brand Nation’s Purest Organic Mattress


ABC Home & Planet/OrganicPedic Bedding Collection Made

in the First Certified Eco-Factory In North America


July 22, 2009 - “Green” goods are popping up across all industries as more consumers demand products that are made organically and manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner. In this world of “green sheen” and “greenwashing,” one mattress company has lead the way in setting the industry standard for certified purity and luxurious comfort – Organic Mattresses, Inc. (OMI).


In 2008, OMI, America's leading manufacturer of organic mattresses and bedding, announced the launch of its high-purity mattress line, OrganicPedic® by OMI. Now, ABC Home & Planet is able to offer an exclusive co-branded line of OrganicPedic® mattresses and OMI bedding to its customers. ABC Home & Planet offers products at the cutting edge of beauty that are pure and healthy for the body, the home, and the planet. The ABC Home & Planet eco-hub is located on the 3rd floor of ABC Carpet & Home in New York City.


In a recent New York Times article on organic mattresses, OMI was recognized as “an industry leader” in organic bedding and as the company with the most third-party certifications for raw materials, factory processing, and finished products testing for volatile organic compound (VOC) outgassing.


OMI’s mattresses, pillows, and bedding are made in Northern California by expert artisans in the first large-scale organic Eco-Factory™ ever built in North America. It is a chemical-free, smoke-free, and fragrance-free environment with an exclusive ozone sanitation process to help protect against potential contamination from molds, yeasts, pollen, and bacteria. OMI’s commitment to maintaining a pure environment runs so deep that its employees do not smoke, wear fragrances, or use fabric softeners on their clothing.


“It seems only natural for ABC Carpet & Home and OrganicPedic® by OMI to be in business together,” said Walt Bader, president/ CFO of OMI and author of the book Toxic Bedrooms – Your Guide to a Safe Night’s Sleep. “Their Home and Planet shop is the ultimate collection of pure and organic elements for the home. They were the first, and remain the most committed, boutique retailer guiding the bedding and furniture industry toward sustainable practices and offering alternatives in creating a healthy, toxin-free home,” he added.


ABC has led the transition to organics in eco-retail, creating pathways for consumers to use their dollars, values, and self-expression as a way of voting to create a new “green economy” for a healthy planet and people. Paulette Cole, CEO and creative director of ABC Home, notes, “We are partnering with OMI because they are unequivocally the best there is in the industry. ABC has a loyal customer base that trusts our research and our critical edge on beauty, design, and sustainability. We are proud to co-brand with this industry leader.”


The ABC Home & Planet/OrganicPedic® mattresses offer exclusive top sculptured layers that provide temperature regulating sleeping surfaces, excellent pressure-point relief and are naturally mold resistant.


The mattress and wood-slat foundation sleep sets range in price from $2695 to $4,395 in queen size. The collection also includes: pillows (Euro, Boidoir, Standard, Queen, Body, and King made of organic cotton, 100% natural latex, pure Eco-wool™, and even organic buckwheat hulls, $49-$199); comforter (pure Eco-wool™, $345 - $445); flannel mattress pad (organic cotton, $160-$290); pillow tops (organic cotton filled with pure Eco-wool™, $295-$795); moisture pad (pure Eco-wool™, $160-$290), underbed pad (pure Eco-Wool™, $160-$269) and pillow barrier protectors (organic cotton; $50-$60).


OMI products are made and sourced in the USA and is as full-circle environmental company that is proudly uses organic raw materials from Americans organic farmers and industries. Doing so not only supports American farmers, but also prevents the risk of potential contamination from foreign-based impurities and potential import fumigants, and reduces the environmental impact and carbon footprint involved in global transportation.


Retailers interested in finding out more about OMI should contact: 800-951-9196


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