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Consumers Research On-line for Mattress Products and Search for Store Locations


March 23, 2009 - Joe Alexander from Keetsa Mattress, an up and coming affordable “green mattress company’ located in San Francisco California tells BEDROOM Magazine that consumers are changing the way they shop for a mattress. “They used to travel from store to store, burning gas and creating emissions as they shopped different models, different brands and tried to make sense of the benefit and feature claims of each mattress manufacturer,” says Alexander. However, more and more consumers are turning to the internet to shop for their next mattress, a major shift in the way consumers gather information and make buying decisions. “For example,” says Alexander, if one were to search the term "Green Mattress" in the Google® search engine, you’d find that, Google reveals that over 6 million searches were conducted for that term alone.” According to Alexander, the internet's leading website traffic ranking authority, ranks the amount of visitors to a company's website. A current search of the major mattress manufacturer's websites revealed telling results into the shift of consumer demand.


Keetsa Mattress is an emerging on-line presence


On-line research reveals that Keetsa Mattress, was ranked higher than all the major "S" companies and Tempurpedic, and had as much as four times the amount of visitors. Alexander provided information showing the search rankings as of March 1, 2009 according to Alexander explains that the lower the ranking number the higher on overall search ranking of the domain name or website URL. According to Alexander the Alexa site shows:

  • has a traffic rank of:  65,561

  • has a traffic rank of:  89,459

  • has a traffic rank of:  229,020

  • has a traffic rank of:  287,228

  • has a traffic rank of:  228,410

“These rankings,’ says Alexander, “reflect the fact that consumers are becoming more internet savvy and seeking alternatives to the traditional mattress brands.” 


Consumers Search for stores at and finding over 18,000 store locations


Two other relatively new sites are experiencing growth and are beginning to emerge as impartial sources for locating retail mattress stores. The first is a new high-powered store location search engine that DOES NOT sell mattresses of any brand. An impartial site that urges consumers to search “Where To Try It, Where To Buy It.” offer a city, zip code and mileage search field steering consumers to over 18,000 retail store locations selling mattresses and bedding products. Consumers can take comfort in knowing that the search engine has no brand favoritism or bias because it steers consumers to store locations not brands. Webmaster and site owner Jay Begley of Beware Of The Dog Design in Somerville, MA tells BEDROOM Magazine that searches are picking up steadily, and that he expects that as consumers research into new technology and green or eco-beds, they will use MATTRESSFINDER to locate stores in their area. is the website of the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA). “With the emergence of temperature sensitive foam, latex rubber foam, airbeds, the new “gel beds”, and the emergence of “Green, Greener and Greenest” beds as well as beds labeled, “Natural, All-natural and Organic” that consumers will search for more and more information on mattresses and bedding,” according to Tambra Jones, Executive director of the SSA. We offer consumers a direct search feature of our SSA retail member stores,, and we then link consumers to the MATTRESSFINDER site if they are looking in an area where we do not have retail store members,” say Jones.


Jones also tells BEDROOM Magazine that she expects consumers will use the SSA site a lot more as the SSA unfolds it’s step-by-step “Green Initiative” to explore existing eco-standards, define appropriate standards and define terminology for the mattress/ bedding industry and establish a certification for green mattress protects.


There are numerous mattress/ bedding and green marketing sites that consumers are turning before they go into a store to purchase mattress and bedding products. younger consumers in particular are doing their research before they go out to purchase.


Interested retailers and consumers can find information at:


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