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Specialty Sleep Association: “The Future of Sleep”… Has Arrived 




August 14, 2008 - The Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) reported an outstanding outcome as it opened its first-ever permanent showroom at Las Vegas Market. The premier advocacy organization promoting the category of specialty sleep said that, according to the majority of SSA members who leased space within its new 15,000-square-foot showroom, buyer traffic and interest was “as good, and often better, than most other showrooms.”


“Our members told us, nearly unanimously, that traffic and interest was quite brisk in our space all week,” said SSA President Dale Read. “Perhaps as many as 500 individual retail companies shopped our showroom on the first three and a half days, and we even had steady traffic right up through midday Friday. (read said that he personally counted 24 separate retail stores enter the space Friday morning, when most other venues were virtually inactive.) “Having 27 individual manufacturers and exhibitors in one show space is a draw,” said Read. As a result, immediately following the market, the SSA board of directors has decided to increase its efforts to promote the category well into 2009 and beyond.”


The SSA had produced its show-within-a-show in the WMC pavilions since the opening of the Las Vegas Market in 2005. This market was the association’s first experience in a permanent showroom, and exhibitors relished the co-op atmosphere.


“Not only did we write business, we have enough sales leads to keep our staff busy for the foreseeable future,” said Rick Snider, national sales manager for Glideaway Sleep Products. “The space in Building C made our customer response rate about twice as high as being located in the tents. I would urge anyone selling specialty sleep to ask about leasing space in Building C with SSA.”



The next phase for the SSA is to attract to its membership those retailers who are keen on selling specialty sleep products in their stores. Read continued, “Specialty sleep products are the “FUTURE OF SLEEP.” These categories of visco-elastic foam, latex foam rubber, airbeds, new-technology waterbeds, adjustable beds, gel beds, and “green” natural, all-natural and organic beds , as well as top-of-bed products represent where retailers will makes their future sales and their margins. With our expertise, we can help mattress/bedding retailers sell a better product with more attractive margins. And with memberships for retailers starting at only $150, it’s a win-win….Our fees are small , and we will use this support to build the most profitable category retailers can place on their store floor.”


Journalists from both consumer and industry trade media attended Read’s informative talk on “The Future of Sleep,” which was held at the space and featured a continuous loop of the SSA’s television news segments. The news segments, produced in concert with Steinreich Communications, promoted a wide assortment of products and brands of SSA members, as demonstrated by on-camera SSA spokespeople. At “The Future of Sleep” event, retailers, journalists and other interested guests were treated to complimentary Dippin’ Dots, “The Ice Cream of the Future.”


Close to 30 companies were represented in the show including specialty mattress manufacturers such as Magniflex, Glideaway, Hollandia and ZedBed, retailers such as, as well as accessories producers such as FabricTech 2000 and Hudson Industries. Additional SSA members, including Tempur-Pedic, Leggett & Platt, Comfortaire, Latex International, Therapedic, Englander and Natura World, exhibit in their own showrooms at the World Market Center in Las Vegas.


For more information on the SSA, contact SSA Executive Director Tambra Jones, (559) 868-4187 or (559) 676-8639.


Founded in 1995, the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) is a national not-for-profit advocacy and education association of retailers, manufacturers and suppliers who develop, manufacture, market and sell innovative, new technology mattress and bedding products including viscous-elastic memory foam, latex rubber, air, flotation, gel, adjustable, futons and convertible beds, (green) all-natural and organic beds made from soy, bamboo, wool, 100% cotton as well as bed frames, pillows, sheets, comforters, duvets, body pillows, fabric guards and more.


Retailers and manufacturers interested in membership in the SSA should contact SSA Executive Director Tambra Jones, (559) 868-4187 or (559) 676-8639. Visit


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