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Leading Bedding Industry Executives to Convene at Specialty Sleep Association Florida Conference, May 8th 


Diverse Group of Manufacturers, Certification Experts, Retailers to Meet

On Eco-Friendly Standards For the Mattress/Bedding Industry


April 22, 2009 - The Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) will hold its first Green Initiative conference on May 8 at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point, Bonita Springs, FL.


The SSA Green Initiative is a process designed to identify, define and standardize how mattress manufacturers and retailers label “green” and natural sleep products. The ultimate goal will be to create a certification program based on existing, accepted standards and to define terms such as "green,” “natural,” “all-natural” and “organic." Registration for the conference can be found at:


“Now is the time for us to step forward and lead our industry and our customers into an eco-friendly future,” said Dale Read, president, SSA. “We need to operate from a common set of terms and definitions so our customers can make knowledgeable comparisons and buying decisions about “green” bedding products.”


The Manufacturers Panel will focus on “Defining the ‘Green’ Issue --- What Direction are We Taking”:

  • Anne Kozel, specialty sleep brand director, Simmons represents a large-scale national manufacturer who is increasingly adding natural components to its bedding line.

  • Ralph Rossdeutscher, president/CEO, Natura World is today’s largest natural and organic bedding products manufacturer.

  • Walt Bader, president, Organicpedic, has created a standard on organic material which is perceived to be one of the highest in the bedding industry.

  • The panel will be moderated by Jeff Scorziell, president, Anatomic Global and Board Member of the SSA. An eco-friendly company, Anatomic Global has one of the lowest carbon footprints of any mattress manufacturer.


The SSA Green Panel will highlight “How to Not Re-Invent the Wheel --- Green Terminology, Standards and Existing Regulations”:

  • Susan Inglis, Executive Director, Sustainable Furnishings Council, identifies procedures for insuring the sustainability of the natural resource base to market-led product development.

  • Vicki Worden is a noted strategic counselor and public speaker on the development and launching of products and services with green labels.

  • Stijn Devaere is an expert-advisor of technological innovation, quality and environment at Belgium’s Centexbel, the scientific and technological research center of the Belgian textile industry.

“Sustaining the Future of Sleep” is the subject of the keynote address to be delivered by Susan Inglis. She will provide the compelling case for the bedding industry’s response to the global climate crisis, giving an overview of sustainability issues in the home furnishings industry and describing how SFC set up a welcoming membership structure and to encourage the industry to adopt “best practices” for the triple bottom line: People-Planet-Profits. Inglis will address the issues facing the home furnishings industry as a whole and note those that are particular to the bedding sector.


Founded in 1995, the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) is a national not-for-profit organization created to facilitate the growth and positive awareness of the specialty sleep category. Its members develop and/or sell specialty sleep products, including air, flotation, latex, foam and adjustable sleep surfaces, and related merchandise. SSA membership is comprised of more than 100 manufacturers and retailers ranging from small, family-owned businesses to large corporations.


Companies interested in learning more about air, water, memory foam, latex, gel, adjustable beds and green or all natural sleep products should contact SSA Executive Director Tambra Jones,


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