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DVD of SSA “Green Initiative” Conference Now Available

for Manufacturers, Suppliers and Retailers


Top Bedding Executives Begin to Define “Green” Bedding


June 25, 2009 - When nearly 30 bedding executives from industry leading companies met recently for the first Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) Green Initiative Conference, the group determined that the industry needs a common set of definitions, terms and standards to reduce consumer confusion about the level of environmental impact some bedding products can have.


Participating companies included Simmons, Sealy, Tempurpedic, Serta, Natura World, Foamex, Hickory Springs, Anatomic Global, , I-Care, Cargill, Organic Mattresses Inc. (OMI) and Anatomic Global. This conference marked the first time industry leaders gathered to discuss the need for standardizing the way “green” is defined in bedding products.


Now, the SSA has released a complete DVD of the proceedings so that those who were not there can see the information that was presented at the meeting, and hear the discussion that ensued. As part of launching the next step, the SSA is encouraging manufacturers and suppliers to understand the impact and importance of the initial meeting of the mattress/ bedding industry’s “Green Initiative.”


“We were gratified by the number of companies that participated in our Green Initiative conference; however, many leading manufacturers and suppliers were unable to join us do to conflicts such as InterZum in Europe,” said Tambra Jones, executive director, SSA. “We believe that by hearing the words of our speakers via our educational DVD, others will want to join in and help us create what is sure to become an industry standard.”


Speakers included Anatomic Global President Jeff Scorziell, who led a discussion about what mattress manufacturers were hearing from consumers and their retailers about the importance of being “green.” Ralph Rossdeutscher, president and CEO of Natura World, explained his company’s green labeling which identifies how much natural material, by weight, goes into each of his products. Walt Bader, president of OMI, discussed the pristine conditions under which its mattresses are produced and the organic certifications its brand carries. Anne Kozel, specialty sleep brand director of Simmons talked about Simmons’ relationship with the charismatic Danny Seo to help give exposure to its green line and the importance of what she termed “light” green bedding for the consumer who wants to be environmentally sensitive but also budget conscious.


The second panel discussion focused on “How to Not Re-Invent the Wheel --- Green Terminology, Standards and Existing Regulations.” Susan Inglis, executive director of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, explained how her organization’s green certification program had worked in the case goods industry.


Vicki Worden, an expert on launching products and services with green labels shared examples of other industries that have taken steps to develop rating systems and standards around the “greenness” of their products and recommended steps for the SSA to follow.


Finally, Stijn Devaere of Centexbel, one of the larges green certification organizations in Europe, discussed the proliferation of green labels in Belgium and Europe that center around the words “natural” or “organic” and which standards his organization follows to provide certification.


The SSA Green Initiative is a process designed to identify, define and standardize how mattress manufacturers and retailers label “green” and natural sleep products. The group will shortly announce a nine-company initial Board of Governors to recruit up to 40 to 50 mattress/ bedding manufacturers …raise funds… hire staffing and consultants and set the specific goals and direction for the “ Green Initiative” program. The SSA Green Initiative Educational DVD is available for $100, plus shipping. Those who attended the recent conference can purchase the SSA DVD for $15, plus shipping. Any company joining the SSA, becoming a member of the SSA “Green Initiative” working committee and ordering the DVD will be credited $85 toward the “Green Initiative” dues structure.


Companies interested in learning more about the SSA or to purchase the SSA Green Initiative Educational DVD should contact SSA Executive Director Tambra Jones,


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