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Sleep Studio Introduces New Product Technology


ViscoFresh® Hybrid Material with Memory Foam and Latex Blended Together

for First Time to Create Unique Feel and Enhanced Performance


April 1, 2010 - Specialty sleep products innovator, Sleep Studio LLC has introduced a new material called ViscoFresh® Hybrid with a unique blend of latex and memory foam that provides greater support, comfort and durability than either material by itself. This new material is now available in a line of mattresses, pillows and toppers.

Independent lab tests confirm a 40-percent improved support factor from the new ViscoFresh® Hybrid material over traditional memory foam. The new material conforms like memory foam with excellent pressure relief results and supports like latex. The result is the comfort of memory foam without the sinking feeling many consumers dislike.

ViscoFresh Hybrid® raises the industry bar for the category. Previously consumers wanting a latex visco combination had to rely on layers of each component glued together inside the mattress. Comfort and long-term performance were compromised as a result of this type of construction.

ViscoFresh® Hybrid also offers significant advantages over traditional latex with greater tensile strength and longer life, thus eliminating the tearing and crumbling often experienced with latex. Additionally, this new hybrid material eliminates the allergy concerns and “bouncy” feeling often associated with latex. “Independent research shows that when purchasing memory foam consumers are driven by a desire for greater comfort and better support. With our ViscoFresh® Hybrid consumers can finally get what they are looking for” says Michael Rothbard, President of Sleep Studio.

ViscoFresh® Hybrid like original ViscoFresh® also addresses the two most common consumer complaints with memory foam- overheating and odor. First, by combining an open-cell construction with ventilation, ViscoFresh® offers the highest level of air circulation in the industry to virtually eliminate heat retention. Second, with a unique blend of natural green tea, ViscoFresh® is naturally free of chemical odor.

In addition to advances in comfort, ViscoFresh® makes important strides for the environment. ViscoFresh® uses plant-based ingredients in its formulation, including a castor bean derivative in lieu of soy. ViscoFresh® also uses a proprietary anti-microbial treatment called MicroSafe® which is more eco-friendly than the more commonly used UltraFresh®.

The new ViscoFresh® mattresses and pillows will be branded SleepJoy® with the tagline of “Wake up happy!”®. The brand has been designed to evoke the positive experience consumers have with the company’s ViscoFresh® material.

The SleepJoy ViscoFresh® Hybrid material is available in an assortment of mattresses, toppers and pillows. Mattress sets begin at $1,499 (queen), toppers from $149 (queen) and the pillows at $50.

Sleep Studio was founded in 2006 by industry veterans Michael Rothbard and Chris Ann Ernst, to bring product innovations to the specialty sleep category. Sleep Studio is based in New York City and manufactures the entire SleepJoy at its U.S. facilities. Its products are compression-packed and rolled for easy delivery and installation. The company also offers retailers a drop-ship program direct to consumers.

Retailers interested in learning more about Sleep Studio products should visit:


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