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Sleep on Green Announces Bed Bug Solution


January 19, 2011 - Sleep On Green has designed a mattress that is 'bed bug' resistant. This innovative proprietary solution uses only natural elements that directly derive from materials extrapolated from Mother Nature. This mattress not only keeps the bed bugs away, but it accomplishes without use of harmful chemicals or pesticides that are common to typical box spring mattresses.

Director of New Business Development for Sleep on Green, Devin Furlong notes the following, 'The bed bug epidemic is worse than ever before. From hospitals to homes, from hotels to department stores, Bed Bugs seem to be everywhere. These pests are exceptionally difficult to get rid of. Once there inside your home, its only a matter of time that breeding patterns will begin in the comfort of your own bed'.

Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that feed off human blood. Bed bugs are attracted to humans primarily by carbon dioxide, secondarily by warmth. Bed bugs were essentially eliminated in the early 1940s, however due to increase travel and sheer population growth, infestations are becoming more frequent. In turn, bedding and furniture become the perfect location for Bed Bugs to continue their evolution.

To resolve this ongoing epidemic, Sleep on Green has looked to their manufacturers in Italy for a new solution. Hence, Sleep on Green has combined the purest elements to provide a safe and healthy Bed Bug Resistant Mattress. Using only natural elements from Mother Nature, this mattress will keep the bed bugs away without using chemicals or pesticides. With many years of research and development, the Sleep On Green team has worked to develop a mattress that is a healthy alternative to the chemical filled mattress that we sleep on today.

Sleep On green is committed to our customers, products, and our planet. We strive to create quality eco-friendly products while taking care of mother earth. Our mission is to provide eco- friendly products that enhance the quality of your sleep while lessening the impact on our global environment. By using the purest natural elements, we reduce the environmental impact on our planet.

For more information on the Sleep On Green portfolio of mattresses, visit  or call toll free: 888-563-1170.

To meet the Sleep on Green team at the World Market Center in Las Vegas January 24 - 28, 2011, Sleep on Green will be exhibiting in the Specialty Sleep Association Showroom C-1350.


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