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Somnium Brings Revolutionary European Technology

to Mattress Retailers and Their Consumers


April 5, 2010 - As retail buyers approached the Somnium show space located in the Specialty Sleep Association space (C-1350) at the Las Vegas World Market Center last February, it was obvious that this new company was displaying sleep products that represented very different technologies and solutions. Company owners Susanne Flother (of Germany) and Rainer Weiland (of Austria) strike one as being hip, contemporary entrepreneurs who are cued into the latest in design and evolutionary solutions. One gets the feeling that there is very little about contemporary culture and serious trends that these two are not aware of. “Let’s face it,’ says flother, “It’is no coincident that America is in love with the iPhone, Ipod, Starbucks and those nifty Dyson vacuums. After all, it’s the first time that everyday items like phones, vacuums and our morning coffee have undergone a makeover to became fun, useful and enjoyable lifestyle products.,” Flother tells BEDROOM Magazine. “And is that why Somnium,” exclaims Flother, “that we at Somnium have applied our own out of the box thinking to another Under-appreciated and overlooked item: namely the mattress in the consumer’s bedroom.”

Flother goes on to explain that despite the fact that we human beings spend a third of our lives sleeping on it, the technology at the core of today’s typical conventional coil bed hasn’t gotten much of a lift since it was invented 150 years ago…that is, until now she says.

Somnium reinvents century-old innerspring technology with patented, hourglass-shaped springs.

Made from lightweight Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer (TPEE,) these unique, hourglass-shaped springs are omni-directional elastomer springs that offer the benefits that have made this material indispensable to the aviation and automotive industries as well as the design of high-end athletic gear: These TPEE spring offer greater durability, flex characteristics and shock absorbing qualities than do metal springs - at a fraction of the weight of metal coil systems. According Somnium these springs deliver increased support under pressure - thanks to the expanding spring surfaces - while ensuring ergonomically correct posture. This system features softer springs in the shoulder and hip region cradling those body parts and allowing them to sink in more deeply. Firmer springs in the lumbar region offer support and align the spine in its ideal posture.

Flother points out that these new TPEE springs create the backbone of a mattress that is also 100 percent recyclable, hypoallergenic and entirely free from harmful chemicals and flame-retardants. Somnium claims that their removable and washable covers, meanwhile, set a new standard for health and hygiene, and that they are the secret weapon 50 million allergy sufferers and 20 million asthmatics have at their disposable to fight dust mites and allergens and to reclaim their life.

Somnium is an LA-based company headed by business partners Rainer Wieland and Susanne Flother. “Rainer is the one that invented our patented spring and together he and I turned the mattress into the product we wanted it to be: a truly innovative mattress that updates spring technology for the 21st century but considers the entire life cycle of the mattress at the same time,” Flother informs BEDROOM Magazine.  “For example: we pick our materials carefully, using Ökeotex®-certified fabric for our removable and washable covers (to set a new standard in health and hygiene and help in the fight against allergies) and as much soy-based foam as possible. … we are easy on the environment: Instead of heading for the landfill at the end of their life, our mattresses are 100 percent recyclable.      “Right now,” states Flother, ”our mattresses are mostly sold through high-end furniture stores across the US with the balance selling company-direct through us. All in all we have 30 retailers aboard; a number of them are B&B Italia affiliates, others are independents.  Our product is available from Portland and Seattle to Los Angeles and San Diego, from Chicago to New York and Miami and St. Louis to Washington DC.” The beds are offered at a suggested retail price of $3,300 for a Queen bed and $3,600 for a King bed.

As for production, Flother tells BEDROOM Magazine that the mattresses are made right in Southern California…. “and yes, we have various patents involving our technology.” 

Reflecting on the company’s proprietary technology and futuristic sleep systems Flother jokes, “ Come to think of it: The only things missing from our sleek-looking modern dream machine may just be a phone charger and a coffee maker. But luckily, someone else already has the consumer covered when it comes to those.”

To view Somnium’s technology and their futuristic sleep systems, Flother invites retailers to take a look at the company’s brochure and to visit 


1801 Lincoln Blvd., #146

Venice, CA 90291

Direct 310-396-9996

Main 323-655-6700

Fax 323-988-5740


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