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Vinyl Products Offers 8-Inch Deep SLEEPTOUCH™ Adjustable Air Comfort


August 22, 2008 - Vinyl Products of Carson City, Nevada, one of the early pioneers in the specialty sleep industry, is proud to offer consumers and retailers “the widest range of air adjustment available. The company provides retailers a line of eight-inch deep, individualized box pillow top air beds with full, eight-inch cores made of heavy duty inflatable quality, high molecular weight 24 mil PVC air mattress cores. These FR rated, fully extinguishing air mattresses are made n the US, and offer unparalleled air comfort and safety according to Vinyl Products. The elasticized PVC conforms to the human body relieving pressure points and allowed the air setting to give full body support.

The SLEEPTOUCH™ line comes with separate controls, separate pumps so that each sleeper has absolute control of his/her side of the bed. The air level controls do not interact, and this assures that a person’s preferred individual setting remains undisturbed by the sleeping partner.


Vinyl Products informs BEDROOM Magazine that the SLEEPTOUCH dual pumps give the consumer “the quickest adjusting comfort and support surface” in the market – actually between two and ten seconds for total adjustment. Furthermore the Vinyl Products design integrats the air pumps into the sides of the bed to quick adjustment, and to eliminate cumbersome hoses and wires. Additionally, the pumps are UL listed, made in the US, and are designed and manufactured to assure quality and safety for the consumer.


The controls also come with an extra long cord to prevent the sleeper from misplacing the control; controls can be easily located in the middle of the night for minor adjustments.


The SLEEPTOUCH Box Pillow Top Line includes three offerings; the 14” tall Egret, the 13” tall Swan and the 11.5” tall Phoenix.


The luxurious 14” Egret Box Pillow Top offers the consumer the ability to customize the pillowtop with a reversible comfort layer of 2 inches of 3 lb. density visco “memory foam,” and two inches of “finger foam” placed under a Rayon® Damask duvet style pillow top, which also contains one-inch of virgin wool along with one-inch of DuPont® Hollofil® polyester fiber. The wool keeps the consumer comfortably cool and dry in the summer, cozily warm in the winter. Their air chambers are Vinyl Products unique 8-inch deep cores offering the consumer the deepest available air chamber with the widest range of adjustment. This allows the sleeper the ability to find the firmness and comfort levels perfect for his/her sleeping needs.


The extra plush 13” tall Swan Box Pillow Top also offers the consumer the ability to customize his/her sleeping surface. This bed offers a reversible comfort layer of one inch of 3 lb. density visco “memory foam,” and a 2-inch layer of convoluted “finger” foam under a Rayon® Damask two-inch pillowtop containing 1.5 inches of foam and one inch of DuPnt® Hollofil polyester fiber. This bed also comes with quick adjusting eight inch air chambers.


Finally Vinyl Products offers the 11.5” Phoenix Box Pillow Top air mattress with a choice of either a two inch convoluted foam pad or an upgrade of a two inch, 3 lb. density visco “memory foam” under a 1.5 inch Rayon® Damask pillow top. The Phoenix models also come with the full, eight inch deep air chamber offered only by Vinyl Products.


All three of the SLEEPTOUCH BOX PILLOW TOP air mattresses come with a 20 year warranty ….the first three years a direct warranty and the following seventeen years are pro-rated.


Retailers seeking more information on Vinyl Products air beds are encouraged to contact:

Phone: 800-648-0997, Fax: 775-882-3581


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